Monday, February 25, 2008

Shows This Week

Wednesday (2/27), Kilby Court is hosting the show of the week. Hey, let’s just call this the show of the month and if there weren’t so many nuts shows coming up in the near future I would be apt to label this as the show of 2008. So here it is: the show is starting off with local megatrons of rock Vile Blue Shades and then transitioning into the wonderful ex-Liars swagger of noisy/awesome These Are Powers that have been creating quite a buzz for themselves. Next electrofunk/post punk heros Mahjongg (can’t hail these guys enough) will mesmerize, followed by the indispensible Calvin Johnson. And as if these four weren’t enough to qualify the night for the afore mentioned FG awards, Mt. Eerie has mysteriously dropped himself into the mix as of last week or so. It is almost too much to comprehend, rest assured this show is un-missable.

These Are Powers


Calvin Johnson

Mt. Eerie

Wednesday (2/27), hip hoppers will also have something to be excited about as Sole and Telephone Jim Jesus from the Anticon camp hit up The Urban Lounge (21+). Really good stuff for those who can’t get into the indie smorgasbord at Kilby.

Telephone Jim Jesus

Thursday (2/28), Kilby is sending off their father, Will Sartain, and his band, The Future of the Ghost, on tour. Should be a wonderful local night with the likes of Bad Weather California, Tolchock Trio and Kathryn Cowles. Word.

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Anonymous said...

hey, can you label some of these videos. I'm not familiar with most of the bands, and they don't usually say who or what the video is of in the clip. Thanks.