Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Psychedelic Horseshit - Magic Flower Droned

Psychedelic Horseshit
Magic Flower Droned
(10.2007, Siltbreeze)
Verdict = The Goodest, Lowest Lo-Fi Record

It’s unavoidable. This may mark me as a prude or something, but Psychedelic Horseshit is the worst band name I’ve heard since the Butthole Surfers. So terrible…in fact the name alone dissuaded me from listening to them even though I knew that I would like them from different tracks that I had overheard. Maybe you like lame band names but I have some weird disorder that allows me to let ridiculous band names bug me. I even missed the show they played at Red Light Books last year in some lame protest. Well, I finally came to a resolution that may be helpful to others out there dying to listen to this record, but without the mental block of a bad band name. I decided to separate the band name into three words. So now on my Ipod, the debut album Magic Flowers Droned is attributed to the band “Psychedelic Horses Hit.” Heh, I really can’t help but laugh at myself. This is totally literal; I am being completely honest here. You want to find out who Mr. Thistle is? Find the kid with Psychedelic Horses Hit on his Ipod and you’ll know. And what do you know, the album is an essential. Marrying ramshackle garage rock with the worst possible production available, Psychedelic Horses Hit is a wreck. I would not be surprised if the bands instruments were found in a dumpster, further destroyed and then taped back together with duct tape before recording. Fortunately, PHH’s songs are strong enough to keep them from being completely undefined ramshackle recording methods. I’m sure some will disagree, but something about the band’s debut reminds me of The Who and The Kinks (if they were processed through a meat grinder). Anyways, nuts awesome band, incredible debut album, senseless (revised) name. Psychedelic Horses Hit are super duper.

-Mr. Thistle

Psychedelic Horseshit - "Rather Dull"

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