Friday, February 1, 2008

Klimek - Dedications

(10.2007, Anticipate)
Verdict = Too Paranoid

There is something alternately majestically enveloping and claustrophobically alienating about Klimek’s most recent full length on the wonderful Anticipate label. After listening and pondering for some time I finally fell upon the imagery of space. The albums motifs float beautifully like a space station caught in some orbital river forcing Dedications into the outermost regions of space. While a look outside the cockpit window reveals a vast wonderland of star clusters twinkling vibrantly in all directions, however, a minute turn will ground you into a frosty, claustrophobic cabin. This feel seems to permeate the album: a lonely, completely detaching stargaze. The sentiment is odd when coupled with the very self descriptive album title. Each track on Dedications is named after a couple of Klimek’s apparent inspirations. The oddity in it is that the music’s austere livability doesn’t seem to invite friendship; more like stalking. As beautiful as some of its themes may be, like being stranded in outer space, ultimately Dedications is furiously maddening. This is the kind of music that will burrow deep under your skin and before you know it you’re twitching with paranoia. Not really the kind of reaction I’m personally looking for when listening to ambient or any other kind of music. It seems that the intentions here are good, but in the end it is not an album with which to return.

-Mr. Thistle

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