Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Earth - Hibernaculum

(03. 2007, Southern Lord)
Verdict: So slow, but so rockin'!

I'm starting to think I've played way to many RPG's in my young life. Drone metal legends, Earth, released Hibernaculum in 2007 as a slow and steady paced instrumental epic full of repetitive chord progressions and slow build ups that sometimes don't really build to anything beyond what was there in the first place. And for some reason whenever my ears have the pleasure to get lost in these gems I can't help but think of a level 23 Dragon Masters going face to face with mysterious baddies bent on world domination and princess swiping, or maybe a Level 31 Cleric raising a fallen comrade who has just been hewn down by an ogre. I'm guessing comparing Earth to video games will not really give anyone bearings on what to expect from this album. So basically just expect way epic, dark, devastating, beautiful stoner jams that make the perfect soundtrack to dragon slaying or just sitting around doing nothing. I guess I should mention despite Earth's legendary status as masters of slow metal, this is my first dive into their captivating world. Since Hibernaculum consists of re-working past tracks to fit their current sound, it makes a perfect entry point. Needless to say, I'm more than in love with this album and am going to equip myself with some healing herbs and potions to start the journey through their back catalog.

- Wooly Mammal

Earth - "A Plague of Angels" (exceprt)

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Mother Father said...

Have you listened to The Bees Made Honey In the Lion's Skull? It just came out. Really really nice stuff on there.