Tuesday, February 26, 2008


I haven't done a goodies post forever! There are so many awesome things to waste your time with!

First off, The Arcade Fire continues to push the boundaries of what a music video should be by yet another interactive music video. This time around you control the audio rather than the video. It's for the song "Black Mirror," and although it takes a while to load it is well worth your time to experiment with the music that fits nicely with the beautiful black and white hazed imagery. Even if your aren't a fan of the regime, you should still try it out. My favorite combination was turning off all audio except #'s 1,5, and 6, which leaves you with only distorted vocals and strings. So haunting! Go ahead, click the link.

Next off, some killer videos!
First is Evangelicals "Midnight Vignette" which I personally think is hilarious.

Now The New Pornographers new video for "Myriad Harbour"


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theorris said...

Some very tasty goodies, indeed--and 2/3rds Canadian!