Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Wooden Wand - James & The Quiet

Wooden Wand
James & The Quiet
(06.2007, Ecstatic Peace)
Verdict = Grand

Further separating his solo material from that of his free jazz/folk/psych musings with The Vanishing Voice, James Toth, AKA Wooden Wand, has released an engaging follow up to last year’s Second Attention release with The Sky High Band. Removing the bands aesthetic all together, Toth has stripped his songs straight to the bone leaving a gritty core of damaged, folkish Americana. Paraded vulnerably, James & The Quiet emerges as a glorious collection of ultimately affecting songs. The left field lyricism and dusty guitar are really all that’s needed (and mostly all that’s there) to carry the album. The dusty skeleton of the work finds Toth with some of his most beautiful and definitely most catchy tunes to date. It isn’t a secret (if you check my 2007 album rankings) that I have a deep affection for this album. It is just one of those classic, solid collections of songs that garner references with histories songwriting elite. I just can’t seem to elaborate more on it. It is just solid.

- Mr. Thistle

Wooden Wand - "Spitting At The Camaras"

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