Monday, January 28, 2008

Shows This Week

Thursday (1/31), The Lionelle, Dead Horse Point, Patterstats and Abe Carter will present a local feast via Kilby Court. This will be one of three shows on Thursday that are worthy of note.

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Dead Horse Point Myspace
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Thursday (1/31), French Quarter will bring his folk pop to Slowtrain for the second time in so many months. His debut, Quarter, is certainly worthy of any number of spins and by the sound of it his live show should be quite charming.

French Quarter Myspace

Thursday (1/31), Urban Lounge presents a virtual match made in heaven with the incomparable Liars and the absolutely awesome No Age along with locals, Tolchock Trio. This is with out a doubt Forest Gospel's live pick of the week. It would be with Liars or No Age on their own so having a bill with the both of them is basically anointing this show as a pick of the quarter or possibly the year! Do not miss this show.

Thursday (1/31), HarryO's presents Talib Kweli, one half of the formerly influential Black Star. It is going to be difficult to try and promote this over Liars/No Age, but it is an easy choice for hip hop heads.

Friday (2/1), the dubiously titled genre award for the Slammies Mellow Yellow/Jazz band will actually hold some of the best bands of the entire series of awards with Calico, Coyote Hoods, Ether Orchestra and Aye Aye. For local shows, it doesn't get much better than this.

Calico Myspace

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Saturday (2/2), Kilby Court will host the second night(?) of Will Sartain's CD release party. While harboring Tolchock Trio and Live It Up Swet on the bill, the true reason to visit Kilby Saturday is for Brooklyn indie rockers Blood On The Wall. Should be a treat!

Will Sartain Myspace

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Sunday (2/3), Kilby Court will present a close second for show of the week with the absolutely radical/awesome/incredible Yeasayer with the rising trend of MGMT. Another must see.

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