Thursday, January 10, 2008

Robert Wyatt - Comicopera

Robert Wyatt
(10.2007, Domino)
Verdict = Interesting but not fully satisfying.

Robert Wyatt is one of those enigmatic, overly productive and oddly enduring figures in the rock community that can be absolutely daunting to engage. When your solo discography starts in 1970 and moves forward steadily from thereon to the present, you’re bound to encounter those problems. This happened to me earlier in 2007 with Vic Chesnutt. Well, again, bowing to the forefathers of indie songwriting, I have taken my first step into the weird world of Robert Wyatt. Comicorpera is his umpteenth record (I’m not going to bother myself with release stats) and is quaint oddity to be sure (as I understand the majority of his releases are). Wyatt has an outsider voice similar to Scott Walker and on Comicorpera drifts (no Scott walker pun intended) jazzily through an array of difficult peaks and morose valleys. The whole of the record is oddly claustrophobic but still ekes out slithering, entrancing beauty. However, to these ears, even though admittedly enjoyable and of its fare share of redeeming value, the album just seems to chug along a bit too slowly and is too tiring. In small doses though, Wyatt can lay down some shazam!

- Mr. Thistle

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Wooly Mammal said...

Whats Shazam? Does that have anything to do with Kazam? I dont like that movie.