Thursday, January 31, 2008

Paper Cranes & The Iron Eagles - Self Titled

Paper Cranes & The Iron Eagles
Paper Cranes & The Iron Eagles
(01.2008, Magic Goat)
Verdict = Ear Melting Rock (In A Good Way)

Check the verdict, this stuff is nuts! A series of ancient Paper Cranes recordings discovered in some prehistoric cave halfway decomposed, halfway fossilized has surfaced. This is absolutely the most rocking thing that my ears have had the chance to be damaged by in some time. For those unfamiliar, Paper Cranes are Salt Lake's seminal experimental post punk saviors that shirked their savior responsibilities almost as soon as it was anointed them. Apparently this mess of blown out speaker shrapnel was the outcome of a jam session recorded on the quaint internal microphone of the band's iMac. The effect is as lo fidelity as you would find on a recording on a homemade cassette. It all adds to the enormous weight that exudes the music. The Paper Cranes have now taken on a seemingly chameleon-esque collective. On this album with The Iron Eagles moniker, the band are torching the ground they have previously paved with blistering instrumental psych rock freak-outs. It sounds a bit like Comets On Fire playing with the heft of The Goslings. There are some seriously deep bass tones here that I haven't heard the likes of since Grandeur of Hair. This is all really exciting for me as I was beginning to wonder if I would ever hear another Paper Cranes album again. Well the second part to this blissful Cinderella tale is that the whole album is downloadable for free! Released by Magic Goat Recordings, Paper Cranes & The Iron Eagles is the first of a series of monthly digital releases that will come from the site at no charge. The incredible idea is curated by none other than FG fave Braden J. McKenna, AKA Navigator, and will hopefully stick around for a long time. Go download the album now; you are in for an awesome ride.

-Mr. Thistle

Download it HERE

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