Thursday, January 17, 2008

Axolotl - Trade Ye No Mere Moneyed Art

Trade Ye No Mere Moneyed Art
(2007, Self Release)
Verdict = Jawesome!

Axolotl did this to me last year. Right after I just start to feel comfortable with my year end list and the clock turns 2008 I find out that (my now favourite) avantgardist droner has released a couple records the previous year which would have undoubtedly shaken my list up in the top ten category. Well here is round two of the late blooming Axolotl phenomenon. I suppose I don’t feel too bad concerning this release since it was a European tour only CDr, but that won’t keep me from enjoying it now. The recording quality here seems a slight bit lower than previous production Axolotl monstrosities. Fortunately, in the vein of music that Bauer dabbles in, that can actually be a plus. It is definitely no deterrent here as Trade Ye No Mere Moneyed Art crackles and creeks through six tracks of engorged blissful swells of cranky electro disintegration. The reason Bauer’s gilded psych scorchers are my favourite in the heavily treaded and often monotonous genre of drone is his ability to spark heavenly rays of light through his clouds of billowing electro destruction. He always finds that perfect area between the overly brooding and deafening and the gorgeous and life affirming. Even as a one off CDr, Trade Ye No Mere Moneyed Art is yet another testament to Axolotl’s prowess as the king of drizzling noise that can be counted as beauty.

-Mr. Thistle

Axolotl - "Trade Ye No Mere Moneyed Art"

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