Friday, January 11, 2008

Vibracathedral Orchestra - Wisdom Thunderbolt

Vibracathedral Orchestra
Wisdom Thunderbolt
(04.2007, VHF)
Verdict = Satisfying Jangly Confusion

Vibracathedral Orchestra create a more playful and hospitable noise than most, but it is still noise. If you like noise, that’s great; if you don’t, Vibracathedral Orchestra really won’t do anything to change your mind. Their music is really for those who openly indulge avant music but are selective with their listens. Wisdom Thuderbolt, the latest from the veritable supergroup (Mick Flower, Neil Campbell, Peter Nolan) continues in the path of their psych drone anomaly. So, in describing their “drone”, let me share the standard calling cards that that title usually embodies of which VO steers clear. They don’t tread any particularly mournful or pretty areas and they also are not involved with any of the devastating, doomy, soul stealing audio destruction that is all the rage these days. Vibracathedral Orchestra are decidedly more jangly, rock infused and psychedelic. They are definitely paving their own roads in this drone/free noise field. Wisdom Thunderbolt is an evocative, tripped out journey that is packed to the brim with a zoo of instruments. And through some backwoods voodoo, no doubt, the finished product is actually listenable despite holding the trappings of what could easily be heard as a nursery of toddlers let loose in Guitar Center. A profitable listen for anyone seeking a more odd transmission.

- Mr. Thistle

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