Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Giant Skyflower Band - Blood Of The Sunworm

Giant Skyflower Band
Blood Of The Sunworm
(03.2007, Soft Abuse)
Verdict: Welcome back hippy

Last year Glenn Donaldson of Skygreen Leopards set out with friend Shayde Sartin, a bunch of good weed and a sitar, destined to birth the most hypnotic hippie revival stoner album of the year. Blood of The Sumworm ended up on both mine and Mr. Thistle's year end list but somehow got skipped over throughout the year in album highlights. So now, to do it some justice, I am highlighting one of the more exotic albums to land in our lists. Blood of the Sunworm's analog recordings are labeled as progressive psych rock, but digressive psych rock may be a better term. Each track feels like you just discovered an incredible gem in your crazy uncle's record collection. It's slightly depressed, weary, hazy strummers are also somehow fun. It's mellow air will have you meditatively floating, high or not.


Giant Skyflower Band - "Oh Mary Green"

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wooly mammal said...

man, hippy stuff is all the rage these days.