Tuesday, September 4, 2007

This Week In Shows

Wednesday (9/5) at Kilby Court will host Dave Longstreth and his current formation of The Dirty Projectors for one of my personally most anticipated shows on our current longstanding list; He will be accompanied by electro dance troubadour Yacht and local folk sensation The Grizzly Prospector. Must see show!

The Dirty Projectors - "Rise Above"

Thursday (9/6) The Depot is hosting Snoop Dogg. What more can be said?

Friday (9/7) Kilby Court is hosting a powerhouse local show with the return of Loom from their recent tour along with The Lionelle, InCamera and Chaz Prymek! This will be a really really good show.

Oh, and Friday's Kilby show will be competing with "Weird Al" Yankovic at the Utah State Fair. It's a toss up now. Seriously.

Saturday (9/8) Kilby will feature more locals including the Lionelle again playing a solo acoustic set along with Patter Stats, The Future of The Ghost, Standing Solo and Reubens Accomplice. Sounds like a full night…


Anonymous said...

i thought the brian jonestown massacre show was on the 13th?!?

mr thistle said...

Oh crap, you are right

Dainon said...

Weird Al pretty much rules. More costume changes than CHER.