Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Caribou - Andorra

(08.2007, Merge)

An original skeptic of Caribou, (a.k.a. Manitoba, a.k.a. Dan V. Snaith) it took me a few weeks to finally listen to Andorra. Now I am wondering why I robbed myself of a few good weeks of listening to this enchanting album. In Andorra, Snaith has calmed the electronica, upped the pop, and perfected the full instrumentals. Violins, harps, triangles, and clangy percussion make the 60's drug psych-pop absolutely mesmerizing. It will soothe your cerebral cortex, put your cares to sleep, and cause you to dream of glistening lush organic shapes (especially "Irene".) Colorful magic is woven throughout these catchy melodies. It contains beauties that can easily be overlooked on first listen. Play this all the way through, twice, for a truly hypnotic and delightful experience.


Caribou - "Melody Day"

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Mr. Thistle said...

I'm just catching onto this one. Super nuts!