Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Gang Gang Dance- Rawwar EP

Gang Gang Dance
Rawwar EP
(09.2007, Social Registry)

Rawwar is a diversionary tactic. Anyone as impressed as I was by Gang Gang Dance's 2005 release God's Money has been eagerly awaiting the purported full length follow up that was supposed to drop this year. And now this, Rawwar, a three song ep that just breaks twenty minute mark for length. The first track, "Nicoman," revisits the glory of God's Money but is followed by a ho-hum instrumental track and an extendedly boring mix of ambience and samples that harkens, most closely, this year’s earlier GGD diversion: Retina Riddim. I can't help but get anxious at what is going on. While the wait between album releases can give the necessary time to digest previous material and prepare for more, Gang Gang Dance is pushing the limits to forgetability. I actually spoke with Gang Gang’s drummer earlier this year about their forthcoming album when they played the Urban Lounge and he sounded pretty frustrated with their current process. Struggling with the funds necessary to record the album they wanted, they find themselves currently standing in the monetary shadows of good friends Animal Collective and Black Dice. I personally hate this stance because their production is lacking in no degree when filtered through my speakers. While Rawwar isn’t the death of Gang Gang Dance it is a serious speed bump and at $10, it is a pretty pricy fundraiser for a full length album that seems to be fading further into the horizon.

-Mr. Thistle

Gang Gang Dance - "The Earthquake That Frees Prisoners"

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