Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Iron and Wine - The Shepherd's Dog

Iron and Wine
The Shepherd's Dog
(09.2007, Sub Pop)

I've met many skeptics of Iron and Wine, mostly complaining that every song sounds the same, and I always tell them it's because they don't know the songs well enough and to listen a few more times until they are familiar with the individual melodies, but now I can just say "then listen to Shepherd's Dog." Sam Beam's newest release contains all the beauty that you have come to expect from him bundled in his most definitive album yet. It proves most satisfying. The tracks are most distinct this time around, but the diversity is not separative. The calm steady percussion with it's accompanied musical flourishes is sure to charm your socks clean off. One thing I have always loved about Iron and Wine is the lyrics, which are always feel intimately reflective. My favorite track is "House By The Sea," which takes about a minute to build up into Iron and Wine style. Sam Beam is the master of build-ups and you will severely be cheating yourself if you don't listen to all the tracks all the way through. "Boy With A Coin" is a definite charmer. Each track has a grace that you are sure to discover and fall head-over-heels with while inspecting The Shepherd's Dog. This album is here to prove all Iron and Wine critics of their folly.


Sorry Sub Pop is not allowing mp3 hosting for this album but you can stream a few tracks on the Iron and Wine website.


Dainon. said...

Thanks for your take ... it's Sam Beam, though, not Bean.

sassigrass said...

Thanks, thats what happens when you are trying to write a review before going to work in the morning without looking up info. Good thing our readers are smarter than we are.

wooly mammal said...

i think you should knock off a few points for the cover art. yuck!

Kirk said...

Yeah, gross artwork. At first, I really didn't like this album that much. After a few months of listening to it though, it seemed refreshing.