Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Pink Lightnin' - Self Titled

Local Review
Pink Lightnin'
Pink Lightnin'
(09.2007, self-released)

Pink Lightnin' is here to cleanse you of your sins! Preaching a searing sermon via scorching lofi guitars, rollicking drums and a reverberated cleric, Pink Lightnin's discourse is breathing new life into the hearts of men. Enhancing the list of musical projects Eli Morrison is involved in, (Wolfs, Vile Blue Shades) Pink Lightnin' is the absolute best thing he has set his hand to yet. Additionally employing the heart of Bad Brad Wheeler's blues and the sharp blistered drums of Joshua Belka, the allstar collective has created a monster prepped to swallow its listener's whole. It's not all hellfire and damnation though as with instrumental tracks like "Welcome To Pink Lightnin'" and "I'm Comin On" serve of slices of redemptive bliss before the utterly merciful choir of the album closer "Thank You For Enjoying Pink Lightnin'". Morrison, Wheeler and Belka share vocal duties while pounding through the 10 tracks of pure energy on their admittedly cheaply recorded debut. It seems that this recording method is the only way the true, beaten glory of Pink Lightnin' could be represented. It has been far too long since I have heard an honest attempt to create gritty, barn-burning rock. It has been even longer since I have heard this done this successfully. Thank you Pink Lightnin' for restoring my faith in rock n' roll.

-Mr. Thistle

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