Thursday, September 13, 2007

LCD Soundsystem - Sound of Silver

LCD Soundsystems
Sound Of Silver
(03.2007, Capitol)

Whatever genre James Murphy’s music qualifies as, he has his finger directly on its pulse, and with precision he orchestrates beats, synths, and vocals that manage to loop and loop without becoming monotonous. And again on Sound of Silver, Murphy creates songs with more soul than dance music is used to. The album is book ended by two conflicting thoughts. At one end, the beats and reverb laden vocals of “Get Innocuous!” and on the other, the stripped down “New York, I Love You But... (But You’re Bringing Me Down.)” In “Get Innocuous!”, Murphy encourages us to become harmless? Really? No, it couldn’t be. And in “New York, I Love You” the true spirit of the conflict becomes apparent. Murphy laments that his precious New York has lost all its charm, having become “safer, and wasting [his] time.” So which is it? Or is it the conflict? Or does it really matter? To some it might, but to others the music will stand on its own. Either way, the Sound Of Silver is a lesson in the mathematical paradox of a whole being much more than the sum of its parts. Each part beginning with a simple beat or piano loop, and gradually unfolding and interweaving into something you didn’t really expect. The sum being an album full of wonderfully simple, yet intricate songs, that rarely if ever disappoint. The kind of album anyone should be able to produce with a laptop and some time. That is if you had your finger on the pulse of dance pop/rock. My guess is you don’t. As an aside, you want to know who else is quite a dance music aficionado, check out the 7+ minute album version of David Bowie’s classic “Lets Dance.”

-Spruce Lee

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Dainon said...

I'm looking forward to dancing to this in a couple of weeks.