Thursday, September 20, 2007

Kevin Drew - Spirit If...

Broken Social Scene Present: Kevin Drew
Spirit If
(09.2007, Arts & Crafts)

I think the members of Broken Social scene have decided that their solo projects will receive more attention if they slap their old band name on the cover of the albums, thus creating the "Broken Social Scene Presents" label. Kevin Drew's Spirit If... is the first of what is said to be a string of such presented projects. Each member is going solo, (sort of) receiving help in the endeavour from BSS bandmates. Thus making it difficult for you to decide what to name it in your itunes. Kevin Drew was one of the two founders of Broken Social Scene as well as the Arts & Crafts Label. Spirit If... was recorded in a hotel room in Norway. It's indie charmers feel slightly like lullabyes, washing stacked guitars and sounds over you. It's a peaceful album with non-peaceful quirky lyrics. It's laid back and charming. The songs just sort of lackadaisically float out from your speakers and into your ears. It's one of my favorite "new artists" of the year. It's appeal is broad and I doubt that anyone could really be disappointed by the album, maybe not blown away, but never disappointed.


Kevin Drew - "TBTF"

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