Monday, October 3, 2011

:::Notable North American Music:::

Crystal Swells - Goethe Head Soup

(Self released, 2011)

Brilliantly caustic garage rock with a tuneful, hook-laden heart.  Think Moonhearts, Pumice, The Hospitals.

Luke Temple - Don't Act Like You Don't Care

(Western Vinyl, 2011)

Erin and I have always loved Luke Temple's solo work (more so even than Here We Go Magic I think), so it's nice to see he hasn't abandoned it all together.  Don't Act Like You Don't Care definitely dips into country and folk, like Temple via Dylan.  It may sound unassuming on first listen, but the album has a lot more depth and listenability than it first lets on.  And of course, there's Luke Temple's voice...

Ophelia by Luke Temple by western.vinyl
Remote Islands - Days of Heaven

(Stunned, 2011)

This album is pure pop bliss.  Thanks to Crawford over at The Tome for directing me to Days of Heaven.  Really terrific stuff.

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