Monday, October 24, 2011

Colin Stetson - Those Who Didn't Run EP

(Constellation, 2011)

Colin Stetson pretty much owns 2011--musically speaking--evidenced by his breath-stealing (quite literally) full length LP, New History Warfare, Vol. 2.  And Those Who Didn't Run only strengthens that pwnership.    An EP-lengthed 10" (as opposed to LP-lengthed 10"?) equating to two ten-minute sides of heavy-surreal saxophone apocalypse, Those Who Didn't Run expands on everything that is good about New History Warfare.  Both sides offer a variation on Stetson's rhythmically mind-warping saxophone tones, pushing and pulsing into big gorgeous mechanized biologies: side A skewing a bit more industrial with flecks of magic realism, side B skewing a bit more ghostly with an ear for reckless abandon.  The bottom line is the material here is on par with any track from his New History Warfare, perhaps better, considering the space he allows for each composition to grow and mutate.  Colin Stetson is salvation.

Those who didn't run (excerpt) - COLIN STETSON by Constellation Records

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