Monday, October 24, 2011

Flower Man - Inversion Fortuite

(Monofonus Press, 2011)

Chris Bush, of the marvelous duo, Caboladies, is Flower Man in solo form.  And Inversion Fortuite, a one-sided 10" from Monofonus Press, is an almost-twelve-minutes composition of bizarro-beautiful skitter-scatter electronica from the able hands of Mr. Bush.  Interspersing various discourses, from string-like (or actually string-performed, I can't tell) grandeur to mumble-junk blippity to generally laser-guided skiwompusness, Inversion Fortuite is certainly worthy of anyone who has been blessed with ears for Caboladies.  At the same time,  this is also distinctively new, with Mr. Bush working things over from a different kind of logic.  Well worth your time.

Inversion Fortuite by Flower Man by Monofonus Press

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