Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Lee Noble - Horrorism

(Bathetic Records, 2011)

If you're into ghosts, ghosting, dim lights, dim lamps, dim sunsets, general dimness; if you're into groggy hums, low humming, low flying birds flying upside-down and in reverse; if you're into extraterrestrial fog, extraterrestrial miasmas, extraterrestrial ghosts and ghosting, extraterrestrial ghost viscera hanging in the air, extraterrestrials; if you're into mottled surfaces: concrete, bird-wings, degraded metals, worn/faded cotton; if you like it when it's mid-afternoon and a slow moving darkness propagated by a hulking mass of clouds terminates your afternoon and sucks you into the loose-quilted fabrics of your favourite grandmotherly-stitched quilt, watching David Lynch movies with the volume low so that when the rain hits against the windows it infiltrates the scenes in the movie; if that's what you are inclined towards, you might be interested in Horrorism.

"Desire Isn't Suffering" Lee Noble from Bathetic Records.

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