Friday, August 15, 2008

Thank You - Terrible Two

Thank You
Terrible Two
(04.2008, Thrill Jockey)
Verdict = Hyperactive instrumental blitz

Do you ever feel like your energy has been literally sucked out of you by some invisible force? Suddenly just out of energyand hittin' the hay at hours that defy your youthful age? Well, if so, I may have discovered culprit. Baltimore’s Thank You may very well be the energy thieves that have so subtly extracted our energies in order to use them for the creation of their debut album, Terrible Two. Why am I making such a baseless allegation? Oh, it is only baseless to those of you who haven’t heard this record because I tell you what, the three band members credited with creating this frantically energetic monstrosity could not have done so on their own. So, obviously, the only logical conclusion is that the band has created some machine that slowly steals the energies of the entire human race in order to hone said ‘energy’ into a berserk concoction of their personal fancy. See, that is why the band is named “Thank You,” it is a joke on its own listeners whose lives they have partially stolen. Either that or these guys are just simply bananas in terms of musicianship and creativity. Terrible Two contains generally identifiable parts (guitars, drums, bells, synths, eceteras) that have been twisted, contorted and hyper extended into mathy, chaotic, post-rock-esque jams that sound like they are causing their players to form massive blisters. It’s pretty exciting stuff to say the least. You could probably make fair comparisons to Battles, Animal Collective, WZT Hearts or By The End of Tonight, but Terrible Twos definitely stands on its own. A wild chaotic utterly enjoyable ride. Delicious.

-Mr. Thistle

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Justin Snow said...

Thanks for the link! This is undeniably awesome. I am rocking it right now.