Monday, August 11, 2008


I decided to start an intermittent list (we’ll see how long it lasts) of records that I’ve recently come into contact with or have reunited with or whatever, that aren’t from 2008, but are still managing to take up a good portion of my listening time. Let me know about the past gems you have been digging lately in the comments section.

(09.2006, Thrill Jockey)

I don’t know why it has taken me so long to get mitts on Taiga from Boredoms-offshoot-band, OOIOO. The delay is even more baffling since after Gold & Green I officially owned up to liking Yoshimi’s (yes, that Yoshimi) all girl psych punk onslaught even better then their almighty forbearers. Well, late or not, it was only a matter of time before I caught hold of OOIOO’s opus. Along with Shugo Tokumaru, this may very well be the best thing Japan has ever exported. Streaming on Thrill Jockey

Stefan Neville
Do Not Destroy…
(05.2006, Last Visible Dog)

To say that I have “reunited” with this album is a little miss-leading since it has been pretty re-emerging pretty consistently since the day I got it. Stefan Neville is the mastermind behind Pumice and this is his only (as far as I know) record under his own name. Equally lo-fi and somehow more of a noisy ramshackled mess than his Pumice work, Do Not Destroy… is an utter essential. Samples on Amazon

Tiger Bear Wolf
(05.2005, Hello Sir)

Tiger Bear Wolf is a frantic mix of post punk and blues rock that falls somewhere in-between Domestica-era Cursive, At the Drive-In, Fugazi and Black Mountain. Filled with searing guitar energy and scorching lo-fi hooks that will have you doing air guitar freak-outs alone in your room before bed. So so good. Tiger Bear Wolf - "Something Worth Saving"


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marge said...

i'm not sure I want to second what "lotto online" is saying, but that's class.

nitty gritty dirtband's uncle charlie and his dog teddy. One of my favorite albums ever.

Justin Snow said...

Black Dice is playing a show in Boston on Friday and that inspired me to pull out Beaches And Canyons. That is one fantastic album and I feel like I haven't listened to it in years. The last song, Big Drop, is pure awesomeness. I feel like Fuck Buttons based their entire sound off of that one song, which is fine by me. There should be more music like this.

Ranger Danger said...

Did the Forest Gospel just get blog spammed?

Mr. Thistle said...

They Seem genuine enough :)