Thursday, August 21, 2008

Snacks - Natural Snacks

Natural Snacks
(2008, EHSE Records)
Verdict = A noisy concoction of electronics and vegetables, apparently

I have had a slight preoccupation with band names lately, most recently with Our Sleepless Forest and now with Snacks and their recent release, Natural Snacks. I love snacks myself. I think that that is a part of why snacks are snacks, because you are serendipitously addicted to them. In fact, I would personally categorize myself as a snack junky in some respects. I have an undeniable penchant for all variety of chips, various crackers and most cheeses and should probably join Triscuits anonymous with their recent batch of flavored crackers. The downfall of the snack is inherent in its definition as a food to be eaten in-between meals. It’s just no match for the main course. Snacks the band have changed that. Though everything about the band should be indicative of its name on this release, specifically the fact that this 10” picture disc is just under twenty minutes in length, Natural Snacks is a beautifully filling album bursting with tasty morsels of electronic squalor and sampled mischief. A record cut and pasted together and bursting with grizzled, vigorous noise, Snacks presents an improvisational type feel not dissimilar from WZT Hearts or even Aufgehoben (though not as massively destructive as Khora). The album is an almost perfect display of everything appealing about a more jazz influenced view of noise music and only slightly missteps with the almost unbearably obnoxious samples of snoring and beefy electronic flatulence that run through the last two songs. I don’t think the effect is lost on Snacks though; it's simply a grinning act of defiance to expectations. Another limited release from an underground bursting with must-be-heards. Don’t be left out.

-Mr. Thistle

Snacks - "Cabbage Disaster"