Friday, August 22, 2008


Celestial Clockwork
(05.2005, Raptivism)

Rediscovered Celestial Clockwork this week, if you haven’t discovered this yet here is my emphatic recommendation. The album represents Illogic at his lyrical best, which is synonymous with hip hop’s best. Literally, some of the smartest, most meticulous lyrics ever set to tape. Solid backpacker beats and well chosen movie samples are simply extras for Celestial Clockwork and without a single bad track, Illogic has left us a perfect slice of hip hop. Illogic on MySpace

Paper Airplanes
(04.2007, 54-40 Or Fight)

This album was actually first released in 2005 by Mayhap Records, but thankfully 54-40 took notice of this gem and re-released it. This is an album for everyone disaffected by indie rock; for all of the people still reveling in Funeral, Oh, Inverted World or even Keep It Like A Secret. Boyhood is in that good. In fact, album opener, “Fences,” is probably one of the best indie rock songs I have ever heard. So good, seriously, this is essential. Paper Airplanes on MySpace

Golden Ball
The Antique Barking Swirls of Dawn
(03.2007, Honeymoon Music)

Golden Ball isn’t an easy band to peg. They have plenty of awesome psych rock touchstones similar to, say Wooden Schjips or recent Comets On Fire, but there is definitely an odd outsider pop mystique that these Philly hippies add to the mix that just makes this release irresistible. Seriously, don’t resist this album. Golden Ball on MySpace

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