Friday, August 22, 2008

Ryan Garbes - Freedom Now

Ryan Garbes
Freedom Now
(2008, Night People)
Verdict = Freak Jazz

Ryan Garbes is the drummer of seminal deranged psych-punkers, Raccoo-oo-oon. As such, he seems to be infected (along with his band mates) with some sort of fantastic disease that propels him to be constantly producing ridiculous amounts of DIY gold in the form of cassette tapes, zine style art books and now this here freely downloadable album titled Freedom Now. It is wondrous disease to be sure, marking Garbes as a preciously idealistic artist compulsively creating to his wits end. The ailment is probably pretty similar to zombification by my estimation so Garbes is probably decomposing as we speak, but if you’re one of the lucky ones to catch hold of the spoils prior to Garbes’ early demise it seems more than worth it (Um, you don’t really have a life threatening disease which simultaneously compels you to create records and results in the decomposition of your molecular structure, do you Mr. Garbes? Because, if you do, I am going to feel like a dick). Anyway, if you are familiar with Raccoo-oo-oon your entrance to Freedom Now will be a bit more familiar, however, Garbes still follows his own particular muse here. Freedom Now spans six tracks of propulsive, chaotic, animalistic “freak jazz.” Can I coin that as a term? Maybe I don’t want to, but either way Ryan Garbes embodies that. Combining a flurry of percussion and a din of guitar abuse swimming in healthy pool of tape rumble. Garbes exercises his demons here gloriously providing receptive light despite his potentially terminal, compulsive-art-producing-yet-decaying disease. Oh, and did I mention that this download is free (check link below)?

-Mr. Thistle

download Freedom Now from Night People now!

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