Thursday, May 5, 2011

Sean McCann - Prelusion

(Recital, 2011)

RIYL = Stars of the Lid, Keith Fullerton Whitman, Greg Davis

Change is good. That said, Sean McCann’s decision to abandon (for this release anyway) the vibrant crystal-clutter dissonance/beauty that’s made so many of his recent releases (Midnight Orchard, Open Resolve, Chances Are Staying, The Capital, etc.) essential has freed me from my previous Sean McCann reviewing policy: all-gushing-all-the-time. That’s right, no more freely positive reviews Mr. McCann, no more. Well, at least no more over-the-top gushing. Prelusion may stray from multi-layered juxtapositions, but that doesn’t mean that it is any less layered or, in reference to his other work, any less beautiful. Though, that said, it is also not quite as interesting as some of McCann’s previous work. Prelusion is more interested in calming, languid spaces and displays a much more minimalist approach to ambiance and tone. In the course of four long-form tracks, McCann moves in wide, slow steps, a virtually monochromatic tonality that, in the path from A to B, transforms almost without notice. Prelusion may not be a new vision of drone music, but it is certainly well executed and absolutely dreamy in the most literal sense.  (Note: Prelusion is an edition of 75(!) CDrs and is sold out at the source, but, as of my writing this, is still available through some of Recital's distributors--The More You Know.) 

Sean McCann - "Have I Forgotten?"

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BHodges said...

whoa, seriously digging this one. great bckgrd stuff for work.