Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sean McCann - The Capital (2011, Aguirre)

RIYL = Axolotl, Yellow Swans, Caboladies

I’m contractually obligated to review anything Sean McCann releases in the following way: Gushingly. In said reviews, it is outlined that I must reference McCann’s extensive back catalog. In referencing his previous work, it’s important I remark that, despite the usual pitfalls plaguing overly ambitious/productive artists, McCann’s work is consistently of the utmost quality. I’m then to explain why McCann’s most recent release may just be the best thing he has produced to date. This followed by some abstract explanation of the sound of his new work – said explanation containing how expertly Mr. McCann “manages” to blend cacophony and beauty. I’m contractually obligated to conclude said description with the listener’s brain short circuiting amidst the sheer amazingness of McCann’s latest album. Governments that be will require an immediate parenthetical. This containing a disclaimer that my claims have not been formally evaluated by their audio-scientific staff. I will contend with this but eventually submit. I’m a pushover in these types of situations. The review will conclude with a prophetic conjecture that nothing could possibly top this in the course of the remaining year; that this is the best of the best.  This is one of those reviews.

Sean McCann - The Vanilla Maiden

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