Monday, May 16, 2011

Cowboy Maloney's Electric City by Michael Bible

(Dark Sky, 2011)

I haven’t signed any contracts or anything, but I am scheduled, or have been assigned, to review this book elsewhere and, since it’s a slim one, don’t want to, you know, repeat myself or nothing. Still, an excerpt should do you well in addition to this book trailer which, despite having no language in it, is surprisingly accurate.


The horizon is neon. I think of my father, an old man when I knew him. He and I are the same person with the same memories. My mother is his mother and so on. I think of how he sailed the South China Sea. I am there with him. I wear his gunner hat and he wears my spurs. I am also my grandfather, a navigator on a huge steel bird in the second big war. And I am his grandfather, a coward Confederate submariner shot for desertion while trying to swim home.


Cowboy Maloney's Electric City from Dark Sky Books on Vimeo.

Oh, and there is a Cowboy Maloney's Electric City band which, if I'm not mistaken, Mr. Bible drums for:

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