Thursday, May 12, 2011

Boogie Monster - Zechimechi

(Needs More R.A.M.,2011)

RIYL = Lightning Bolt, Parts & Labor, Pink & Brown

Here’s a triple stacker cake-slice of noisy noise-rock for needy ears. Boogie Monster’s a duo out of Vancouver that makes Viking noise of the kind used for pillaging small towns. Vikings take note: you’ll want Zechimechi blasting from your vessel’s speakers when you take shore. Villagers: familiarize yourself with Zechimechi. When you hear it ripping up the air, you are about to be pillaged. That’s what this music is about.

Honestly, this album is too much fun. Multi-colored bursts of skyward-bound noise-rock shrapnel, the kind that’d bring a dragon crashing flat to the ground. Makes one want to suit up in bull horns, grow a beard (even the ladies) and set sail with a pack of Norsemen. One things for sure, Boogie Monster knows well how to stir up a happy menace.  And with Zechimechi, I'm very happy indeed.

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