Monday, March 7, 2011

Seven Feathers Rainwater - 15 Apple Magicians (2011, Moondial)

As long as Portlandia continues to reel in all those that still dream of a 90’s wonderland, Salt Lake City will continue to lose some of its most creative minds. Point in case: Seven Feathers Rainwater seems destined to follow that path (or is this rumor), though not before gracing the world with their masterstroke album, 15 Apple Magicians. I suppose location can be a heavy influencer on art, but with that argument at hand and the level of creativity seeping from the pores of this album, musicians everywhere may well consider moving (back) to Salt Lake City, ‘cause this record’s bonkers. Ok, ‘bonkers’ may be the wrong term, but ambitious, lush, beautiful and imaginative? Absolutely, yes. And, even more exciting, while swaths of chillwavers and hypnogogic popsters the world over are hanging on the coattails of acts like Animal Collective and Atlas Sound, wishing to, at the very least, produce a watered-down copy, 15 Apple Magicians is an album that seems unique to the talents and vision of Seven Feathers Rainwater. A real diamond-in-the-ruff type scenario. Check it:

Purple Flower Lookout by Seven Feathers Rainwater

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