Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Miniature Tigers- Fortress

This album came out last July, and I have never gotten around to reviewing it. Why, you might ask? Or you might even be positioned to believe that I brushed this album off because it sort of sucks or something. But in reality, I've just been too busy putting together photo albums on my computer of my favorite pics of Willow Smith's outfits, or maybe I was watching reruns of Sesame Street, or maybe it's because I didn't really want to post up a boobies picture on our site. I mean, I have nothing against boobs. I have them. I just like them better behind fabric, and with less brown nipples.  Seriously, her nipples are the same color as her hair, and her lips? Also, she sort of looks like Vodemort's daughter. Creepy! Anyways enough about boobs, let's talk about the powerful force that is Fortress. An album easy to overlook or overlisten to on first hear. But let me tell you, my liking of this album has increased exponentially with every listen, which has gotten me to the point at which I currently reside, where Fortress honestly makes up at least 50-90% of all my music listening time. It's just that good.  It's joyous, light and fluffy, Elephant 6 reminiscent, maybe like a Three Musketeers, but probably more like a watermelon. Totally in love.

Miniature Tigers - Tropical Birds

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