Thursday, March 17, 2011

Gkfoes Vjgoaf - The Joy of Awakening (2011, Inner Islands)

RIYL = Stag Hare, Wyld Wyzyrdz, White Rainbow

Honestly, I am majorly heartsick over this whole Japan situation right now. Even in the wake of the variously devastating natural and manmade disasters insistent on pummeling against this tiny little planet of ours, this particular catastrophe has been stabbing at me relentlessly. None of this, of course, has any direct relationship with The Joy of Awakening, except that the album has been a safe haven for me of late. A space with which to unknot the tension of the situation overseas. I don’t feel it necessary to wonder about the band name. Band names, album names, they’re no big deal. The music, however, is important: Rife with loveliness, wide-eyes, ample space and healing, the vastness and beauty of what the Earth has to offer, The Joy of Awakening is a comfort necessary in times of desperate uncertainty. Music to uncoil to, to reset with, music that builds the strength of the human spirit, strength enough to do good in the world when good is so desperately needed.


t. said...

I read some Japanese tweets that had good messages of hope about what's going on in and around Sendai.

One said something like, "I saw a lady put up a sign on her door to her house that offered her bathroom to everybody" Another, "The lady at the local bakery was giving out loafs of bread for free." "An elderly woman gave up her seat for a pregnant lady and a foreigner was surprised." "I saw a homeless man give his cardboard to people for warmth."

Way to go Japan. My home.

gimu said...

somehow it reminds me of old animal collective. didn't know them. thank you!