Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Akron/Family and their really weird/long album title

I went on a really long drive to see a friend this weekend and I tried out a few albums on the way.  Out of all the listens, the new Akron/Family, S/T II: The Cosmic Birth And Journey of Shinju TNT was BY FAR my favorite, and it was up against some total heavy hitters. I had to put it on repeat, cause after I went through it once that was all I wanted to hear the rest of the day. This actually surprised me, because even though I enjoyed their last release, Set 'Em Wild, Set 'Em Free, I felt like it was a step back for them, and with backward steps, more backwards steps usually come, but not in this case. The Cosmic Birth might be one small step for Akron/Family, but it is one giant step for musickind! Akron/Family took all their chewy folky pop goodness and wrapped it in a rich layer of happy rock and roll this time around. The Cosmic Birth is completely seeping with creativity and lush full melodies all the while still keeping their DIY sounding aesthetic. Many of the tracks encase various movements and feelings within very cohesive 3 minute pop songs that are sometimes so subtle and quiet and lovely and dizzying, and at other times totally rocking/headphone shattering.  This time around they stuck to the harmonizing they know best: the yelly, clap your hands and shake your head kind of harmonizing. I'm a total sucker for that and their tribal/rhythmic drumming. OMG, I'm a sucker for it all.  This album will undoubtedly be on my year end list. Mmmmmm, the guitars are sticky, the rumblings are hypnotic, the bass is heavy, it's so sexy. Watch this really lame video and give me comments of agreeance.

And don't forget that they will be playing Urban Lounge on March 28th. We made a poster for it that you can see here 

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o said...

I am in agreeance.

Some really languid, beautiful stuff, especially on the back half. FUJI II, Canopy, Creator... kinda surprising.