Friday, May 21, 2010

Caddywhompus - Remainder

(2010, Community Records)
RIYL = Tiny Hawks, The Mae Shi, Deerhoof

I’ve recently looked back and realized that, not even halfway into 2010, this year is simply one of the best I’ve ever experienced in terms of established acts making great records (or simply not making terrible records) and discovering absolutely fantastic new acts; i.e. 2010 has been one of the best in terms of music, period. Add Caddywhompus to the reasons why 2010 has started off this new decade with a clatterous bang. The band, a guitar and drums duo, contains one member who’s solo disc is also one of the reasons that 2010 rocks. However, Remainder is much different from Salivary Stones, though no less accomplished in its own sphere. What we have here with Chris Rehm and Sean Hart is a frantic, soaring blast of anthemic post-punk shrapnel - oh and is it ever so so delicious. I mean this stuff has been running from the edges of my mouth for weeks. Simply serendipitous. It’s everything one could want out of a band of this ilk: taught riffage, machine gun drum ballistics, breakneck time/motif changes, and lickable, swimming upturns into smiled, noise-entrenched hooks. It’s lo-fi, but not gag-worthy lo-fi. It’s arty but not pretentious. And it’s smart smart smart along with being an utterly physical workhorse of spasms and sunny carnage. What a mess of words. If you’re looking for a one word description of Remainder, look no farther than the band name. Caddywhompus is about as self descriptive as it gets. And thankfully so. You know, I’m going to hate mentioning this, because I know that many out there are strictly haters of the band, but Japandroids...Japandroids could learn something from Caddywhompus. Caddywhompus is like Japandroids but awesome. Like Japandroids if they knew how to write interesting, engaging songs that evolved and burned. In that sense, Remainder is a rain of ashes. It’s lovely really. Sean, Chris, thanks for this. Really, Remainder is rounding everything out for me this year. 2010, while already amazing, just wouldn’t be quite the same without Caddywhompus.


The band has made this album downloadable for free, just recognize that after you taste of its goodness you will not be able to stop yourself from buying it on vinyl...check it here.

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