Thursday, February 4, 2010

Chris Rehm - Salivary Stones

Chris Rehm
Salivary Stones
(2010, Chinquapin)
RIYL = Sam Hamilton, Jasper Tx, Fun Buttons

Hello Chris Rehm. Where did you come from? Since when did you have the absolute best sound coming out of my headphones? Here I am, just minding my own business, checking my inbox, and you have the audacity to send me this? This bliss? It’s like, forget-Pantha-du-Prince-this-bliss too. Well, not quite. Nothing says I can’t love two records at the same time. Maybe just not if they're being played at the same time. Though, to be honest, I can’t imagine this bliss would do anything but enhance This Bliss. Still, this is off topic and out of genre and slightly confusing. Mr. Rehm, do you know what you’ve done? How your little tape here has captured my mind, removed it; that sensory feelings, those not related to the act of listening to Salivary Stones, have gone mute? It’s all for you sir and your little cassette. All my attention. You commented about enjoying that Sean McCann was on this blog. Well, I am happy, nay, elated that your cassette is on here as well. And now this is beginning to feel a bit cheap. Reverse. Reader (read: not Chris Rehm), let me introduce you to this fellow who just sent me the music from his tape, Salivary Stones. Have you heard of it? No? Well, I can’t blame you because neither had I. But seriously, this tape is utterly fantastic. It is the new sound. The new white noise. The new experiment. The new texture. It is the new dirge and the new substance of clouds and the new manifestation of Ra. Sure, there are elements of the old Ra, the old “drone.” But that is always the case, right? My dear reader. Chris Rehm is the name you’ll want to know (along with Sean McCann of course). We aren’t talking about fame here, about respect. You will want to know his name because he will open you up. He has something of absolute glory to pour inside you and, sir/miss, it is of worth. Is it ever of worth. This is the new mech. The next, the it, the growl. And, if I can repeat myself, the texture - oh the texture. And then that last track, “soggy.” The turn to song. It’s gorgeous really. Sleep on this at your own risk. What’s the risk? That it is better than everything else you are listening to right now.


Oh, and of course he had to make it available for free (with the opportunity for donations on the Bandcamp site):
Salivary Stones via Bandcamp
Salivary Stones via Mediafire

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icastico said...

This is a really great record.

Just found ya. You may enjoy some of the stuff over at my place.