Thursday, May 6, 2010

Aaron Martin - Worried About the Fire

Aaron Martin
Worried About the Fire
(2010, Experimedia)
RIYL = Max Richter, Rachels, Sean McCann

In the most recent Listed feature from Dusted Magazine, Julianna Barwick said that she was pretty sure that “13 Angels Standing Guard ‘Round the Side of Your Bed” by A Silver Mt, Zion was “the most beautiful song [she’s] ever heard.” I have a hard time disagreeing with statement because, one, it’s an opinion based on her personal experience, and two, I pretty much agree. That is provides an odd segue into this album review, I know, but Aaron Martin’s latest album, Worried About the Fire, feels like a dozen pop sized chamber burners of that same beautiful timber found in “13 Angels…” Martin’s work has always been a heavy favourite of mine. His debut, Almond, sat just one tick short of making my end of decade list. On this most recent full length, Worried About the Fire, Martin doesn’t set out to do the same things that he accomplished with his first albums, opting instead to rework his existing catalog of recordings into twelve pop sized (2 to 4 minutes) musings on the pangs of minor key gorgeousness. The results are compelling, displaying minute gestures via cello layering, chamber orchestration and avante garde texturing. While Worried About the Fire may not involve the 13 angels enlisted by A Silver Mt. Zion, it’s difficult not to imagine the 12 tracks on the album each standing in for a particularly angelic seraph. Another beautiful outing, Worried About the Fire confirms my opinion that Aaron Martin is perhaps the most compelling post classical composer/musician working today.


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