Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Gultskra Artikler - Galaktika

Gultskra Artikler
(2010, Other Electricities)
RIYL = Ekkehard Ehlers, Anduin, White Rainbow

Gultskra Artikler is Alexey Devyanin is Russian is historied in magitronics. In 2010 Gultskra Artikler is Galaktika is an aircraft or a free floating system of electronics is jumbled variously with mud and roots is short on lighting is dark is brooding is permeated with ambient dirt, with grayish mist is in a jar with bugs, electric bugs, sputtering, buzzing, winged electric bugs is contained in nine jars is an exhibit of containment is crosspollination between soil and keyboards, synthesizers in said containment system, said jars is Galaktika. “Nanorobot,” for instance, is Galaktika jar number three is good and full with those bugs is also filled/full of echoes is lifting at the end is at the top of the jar is part of the mist is spooky/scary is in orbit. “Saturn,” then, is Galaktika jar number four is Artiler is “Nanorobot” layered/evolved is spectral lasers is spacial history is trickling caves is Fraggle Rock for insane asylums is the hum is the hum, ecetera. Galaktika is nine jars afloat is the expanse of space is hypersensitive to repetition, to the sorting of clutter is the missing colors in the light is the ambience of outer horror contained, multiplied, exhibited on the kitchen counter, dripping from the lids, seeping is Gultskra Artikler is the ghosts of electricity is Galaktika.


Stream of Galaktika

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