Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Boy Fruit - Repulsive

Boy Fruit
(2010, Never Come Down Records)
RIYL = Excepter, Black Dice, The First Dog to Visit the Center of the Earth

And there we are, in the middle of a pack of retarded elephants. There is a single drunken one stumbling about from left to right, trumpeting elephant-like. Not quite what you’d get from an actual stable elephant. That’s how Boy fruit starts things out on Repulsive. And things dip from there. Everything simply becomes more and more inebriated, more and more ridiculous, more and more “special.” More layers, more stumbling, lots of falling and plenty of confusion. I didn’t realize until I listened to Repulsive from Boy Fruit that even robots can become a drunken mess. Some type of miswired mainframe wound-up and let loose in a small pool of molasses, slogging slowly but relentlessly. I can't keep from thinking that perhaps Repulsion is a more accurate documentation of what the island of misfit toys would be like. A bit horrific. And we’re all stuck, anchored by the chewing gum under our sneakers. There’s no escape. Simply a whirlwind of handicapped colours swirling, mesmerizing, retarding. Yeah, Repulsive makes you stupider. You listen to this album and your synapses stop firing, thoughts start melting into one another: it’s the death of the brain. An overload of sorts. You might ask yourself, “do I really want to go brain dead listening to the music of retarded elephants, drunken robots and misfit toys?” The answer is yes, yes you do. Good job Boy Fruit, you win.


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jay said...

hahahahaha yes thanks a lot fellows, this review is awesome :D

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