Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Vetiver - Thing of the Past

Thing of the Past
(05.2008, GNOMONSONG)
Verdict = Cozy folk oldies resurrected

When I heard the news of a new Vetiver album on the horizon earlier this year I was absolutely elated. When I heard the subsequent news that this album would be filled with covers I was admittedly disappointed. Of course the news was followed with the promise of a full length of new material next year, but still, my excitement was a bit deflated. I suppose this is the reason it has taken a couple of months to warm up to an album that has been pretty much catching dust particles since I got it ( I guess it has only been a month or two, right?). Anywho, my trepidation was totally unwarranted. I should have assumed/guessed/known that Andy Cabic’s serene vocals and the band’s lush folk rock instrumentation could bowl me over regardless of the songs to which their talents were applied. In fact, for the most part I am probably unfamiliar with the source material here so I decided not to even try looking it up or referencing it. The result was that same soothing, satisfying feeling that I have come to expect from Cabic and company. Under the command of the Vetiver moniker, each track is a beautifully wistful and graciously satisfying in a way that is uniquely Vetiver’s. It is honestly a strong release, though I must admit to not being as fully enthralled as I was with To Find Me Gone or hope to be with their upcoming full length in 2009. Even so, that is just a small complaint. Overall, Thing of the Past is as pleasant a traditional folk rumination as your likely hear anywhere and a perfect soundtrack to lemonade and a porch swing.

-Mr. Thistle

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