Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Nat Baldwin and Spenking Show Tonight

Hello fellow Forest Gosplitarians,

Sorry for the recent lack of local show updates lately (seriously, I am super sorry if you missed Boris and Torche last weekend). To be honest, I just got tired of doing them. But, there is a semi-updated list of live shows over there on the left column that should keep locals updated. Anyway, in related news, for the very first time I actually found use for logging into Facebook! That's right, the ridiculously purposeless social networking site has alerted FG headquarters of a Provo house show featuring the wonderful talent Spencer Kingman (Spenking) and that of FG featured/favourite Nat Baldwin whose recently released album, MVP, is definitely one of the best of the year. So, Hannah, whomever you are, we appreciate your hosting of this show and hope you don't mind the extra press: Show starts at 9 PM at 621 West 100 North...in, uh, Provo

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franklin said...

hannah is spencer's wife! and who are you? were you at that show? it was great huh...