Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Beck - Modern Guilt

Modern Guilt
(07.2008, Interscope)
Verdict - Wear your old Beck shirt with pride

If you have decided not to download the latest from Beck for fear of disappointment, it is time to reconsider. Since the release of Attack & Release I felt like I caught the vision of having Danger Mouse cast his spells on an experienced artist. The production and direction Danger Mouse gave both of these 2008 releases has vigor and soul. The jump, however, from a gritty Black Keys blues/rock album to a polished LP is less of a stretch than Beck fans will endure. I would like to be clear; this is not a new Beck. This is like having your favorite pillow cleaned and fluffed. This is the same fun loving Beck from Midnight Vultures. The “Soul Suckin’ Jerk” has been washed, but not hung out to dry. Modern Guilt is ten tracks that add up to a thick and punchy thirty minutes (half the length of The Information). What it may lack in length it pays back in a no filler, no frills fashion. So give it a spin and join me in being proud to say, “Yeah, but I also like his new stuff.”

-King Cotton

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