Thursday, July 10, 2008

Meho Plaza - Self Titled

Meho Plaza
Meho Plaza
(05.08, Better Looking)
Verdict: Listen to this one!

L.A.'s Meho Plaza is labeled as electro punk, but their sound experiments much deeper than that limiting genre with pop melodies and explosions of lo-fi noise riots bursting violently from pedal laden guitars and a steady up beat rhythm being layed out precisely underneath a full albums' excursion into the world of loud and commanding jams. It's dreamy intense sound has gotten them compared to HEALTH, and NoAge, but I feel a parallel in this album with slightly older, less hot off the press albums that rocked the house, like Autolux's Future Perfect, and a little bit of Sonic Youth. Meho Plaza has perfectly executed the lo-fi, but polished playing sound that will rock your earphones this summer. This is most definitely year end material and comes at my highest recommendation. I have nothing else to write about it, just listen to it!


Meho Plaza on Myspace


Mr. Thistle said...

Love, love, love this album! I second Sassi's recommendation. Good electro/noise rock - kinda reminds a bit of Dan Friel harnessed into songs. Acant rock that would sit well next to Deerhoof, Clipd know, everyone Sassi name. Good stuff.

Justin Snow said...

Egads! The song link does not work. I guess I'll have to actually do my own research. This sounds awesome, though. When Sassi was describing it, I thought it sounded a bit reminiscent of Parts & Labor type stuff. Glad to hear my judgments aren't totally unfounded. I can't wait to hear this.

sassi said...

I just put op a new link to their myspace

wooly mammal said...

i think its got a bit of kill me tommorow style riffs myself.

holla to this album.

Nick said...

I've been a fan for a long time. Meho Plaza sent out a promo disc to a bunch of bloggers about a year ago. When they finally put this album out I was hugely grateful.