Saturday, July 26, 2008

Box - Studio 1

Studio 1
(01.2008, Rune Grammofon)
Verdict = Rockous, jazzy, proggy improve

I’m not a big jazz guy. As far as the classics go I’m pretty much beyond oblivious to the history of it and its stepping stone albums and what not. That isn’t to say that I don’t like it. I mean, jazz is pretty cool right? Well, in the case of the scandanavian Rune Grammafon label I simply can’t get enough of whatever micro sub-genre of jazz the collective routinely produces. Probably the most significant and well known of their electro prog improvisational troupes is Supersilent, which if you are familiar with them is probably a good starting point when approaching Box. Not only does the band share a band member with Supersilent, but they have also borrowed from their purposely obscure titling and design (seriously, couldn’t you guys provide packaging that makes a physical copy desirable?). I’m actually behind on my Rune Grammafon releases. I am still preparing for the latest from Scorch Trio (out since February) and the recent Elephant9 release. Well, I think this release has ties with Scorch Trio as well, but I’m done looking up stuff – every band on Rune Grammafon shares members with at least two others usually. This particular outing is the product of a weekend spent corralling all the energy of the universe, compacting it and packaging it into a little audio explosive. For all its atonal energy and randomly spewed grunge, Studio 1 is actually a pretty catchy rock album. That is probably a misleading statement, but in light of the afore mentioned facts you would be well to consider this one of the most accessible and rocking of the electro rock blitzkriegs being produced in Scandinavia. The drums are just insane, the squelching electronics are nuts and the bass lines are jazzy. The tracks seemed to be numbered by order of the specific take they were recorded and pick and choose between the 3rd to the 13th take within the six tracks. Ultimately, Box has provided an adventure for the ears. I don’t know if there is any better way to explain it. I guess the question is if your ears are up to it? If so, I promise they won’t be disappointed.

=Mr. Thistle

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