Wednesday, December 12, 2007

White Rainbow - Sky Drips Drifts

White Rainbow
Sky Drips Drifts
(2007, States Rights Records)

The second of his two full length releases this year, Sky Drips Drifts, sees White Rainbow's "healing" spiritual vibes in five extended jams all clocking in at about the ten minute mark. The process is slightly different in comparison to the variably sized output on Prism of Eternal Now. White Rainbow's ability to work successfully in multiple formats, whether creating bite sized audio snacks or extended musical meals displays the diversity of his ability. Regardless of track lengths, White Rainbow always manages to bond his songs together into a unified whole from album to album. Sky Drips Drifts is the peak of this type of cohesion, as each successive track melts into the next with ease. It is in this unobtrusive way that Sky Drips Drifts is both an elated, engaging listen and an occasional sleep inducer. It really all depends on what you are bringing to the table when you listen. There is definitely in optimistic feel that, if alert, will invigorate your spirit and relax your mind. Additionally, the repetitive loops, whether guitars, vocals, sythns or his signature drum patter, can act as an instant sedative if there is so much as a drowsy bone in your body (which isn't necessarily a bad thing). Overall, Sky Drips Drifts pushes the White Rainbow large catalog further into perfection, simultaneously retaining his calling cards while expanding his musical palate.

-Mr. Thistle

White Rainbow - "Sun Shadow Drifter"

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