Monday, December 10, 2007

Shows This Week

Tuesday (12/11), Urban Lounge is hosting a local barn burner with the likes of Ether Orchestra, Coyote Hoods and Calico, all worthy bands. This is the first time I’ve heard from Coyote Hoods in a while since seeing them earlier this year at a Slowtrain instore. They are absolutely amazing – a must see band live. (Can someone clue me in as to whether they have released any recorded material and if they haven’t – Coyote Hoods, take this as a call to record!)

Coyote Hoods on Myspace

Friday (12/14), The Wolfs are playing at Monk’s

The Wolfs on Myspace

Friday (12/14), freestyle mastermind Edeyea and beat maestro Abilities will be rocking mic and turn tables at In The Venue to wet your hip hop tongue.

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Anonymous said...

coyote hoods has nothing released. and while i think they are always in the process of recording or potentially putting out an album...things happen, and it hasn't been done. we've been hassling scott about this since we met him - as have most of his friends. -anna