Friday, December 7, 2007

Navigator - Throwing Tongues

Throwing Tongues
(12.2007, A Star)

Navigator is the moniker of Braden J. McKenna. A self taught musical prodigy, McKenna was in multiple musical projects that rocked Kilby Court and the likes throughout his teenage years. Now he is stepping back into the limelight with new musical aspirations. He currently contributes his ear to a few local acts and writes solo, once under Braden J McKenna, now Navigator. Throwing Tongues is his first Navigator release and it will throw you into an instant love affair. Navigator is probably the first to admit that he isn't the most talented musician around, however, something about the way he is able to create a song is entrancing. It's simple folk pop with occasional electric rock outs. The composition is loose and expressive, nothing feels forced or perfected. McKenna's screechingly high voice quivers unimposing religion laden lyrics about Jonah and the Whale, Elijah, and the place where God resides over beautifully written subtle melodies. The liner notes of Throwing Tongues is a testament to the lo-fi aesthetic, listing the date and location of every recording. The list spans bedrooms and living rooms of friends and family illustrating Navigator's ability to make something out of nothing by being able to record at the drop of a hat. His feeble voice and amature recording abilities/resources seem to push the charm of the record far beyond anything that might have resulted from a studio. Navigator is a joy to see live (lucky there are two Navigator shows this weekend including tonights cd release at Slowtrain- see our previous shows posting!) The albums concise running time (just over thirty minutes) doesn't linger even a moment beyond its welcome, nestling itself precisely long enough to enter your ears and make its way to your heart. These tunes will stay with you, and you will like it! Sassigrass' pick for best album of the year, hands down!

-Sassigrass & Mr. Thistle

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