Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Health - HEALTH

(2007, Lovepump United)

Ok, this is my third attempt to start this review. The first two failed based on my lazy stabs at description, using out-there band equations and referencing similarly caustic art noise that has been released this year (and there has been more than a successful few). All and all, this album deserves to stand alone. It is safer that way really because Health’s self titled release on Lovepump United is like tiger at the zoo that must be segregated from the rest of the pack because of its spastic temper and careening mood swings. This isn’t to say that Health can’t be hospitable and friendly, it’s just that once the band bears its teeth you have already lost a limb. The attack is sharp and quick which is part of the reason why Health runs through they're eleven song set in under thirty minutes. That’s all the time it takes for the band to clear away the meat from the bones. The real beauty of the band is in its ability to tie together a full range of disharmonic sounds and influences and pack it into a pleasantly accessible whole. It is a hardcore noise-punk blast of shoegazer pop trash fixed to heavy, pounding drums – kind of like a dreamsicle with gravel on it. It only seems proper that the perfect way to listen to the album involves corralling a large group of people into a room, locking the door, turning out the lights and turning Health up to eleven. It may not be healthy but it sure is fun!

-Mr. Thistle

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